Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Great Kindness Challenge- Week Highlights

My school participated in The Great Kindness Challenge last week.  We had a week full of school wide kindness activities and of course each classroom is doing kindness focused lessons, also.  Here are some of the highlights of the week in my classroom.

Each day of Kindness Week had a theme, think dress-up days. Kinder teachers are made for dress-up days!  Monday started off the week with "team spirit" day where we were encouraged to wear sports or dance team clothes.  Considering that I have to borrow a shirt for every sports team spirit day I decided to re-work the 'team' in team spirit.  I give you, KINDergarten Team, complete with our names on the back... in glitter (nothing is really 'complete' in Kindergarten until you add the glitter!)

One of my favorite whole school activities was the door decorating "contest" (everyone won in the end).  We had a great time decorating our door and even more fun going on a tour around the school to check out the other doors. My door was already covered in snowflakes and will need to be redecorated for Valentine's day and the 100th day so I went for the minimalist approach.  We also expanded our door decorations to include a portion of the wall (part of my master plan to be able to decorate for the 100th day and not have to be, "that person" who took down the Kindness Week decor the day after). Our "Flurry of Kindness" was made by asking students to pick the one word that was the most important in their idea of "how to be kind."  Once a word was selected, the word was written by an adult in Sharpie and then written (and written, and written) by the Kinder using rainbow writing.

We even made the local paper with our all school heart photo! It's "KIND" of awesome.

Check out my original Great Kindness Challenge post for more information/ideas.

Keep up the kindness!

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